Information for lecturers

Please bear in mind to keep your time for speaking (as a rule, 20 min. talk and 10 min. discussion) so that it is always possible for the audience to switch between parallel presentations.

In case you want to give a Powerpoint/PDF presentation, please note the following remarks:

Contrary to some e-mails I have sent earlier, every room will be equipped with a video projector and computer. But we cannot guarantee that every computer will have internet access.

Please bring along an USB stick containing your presentation as Powerpoint (PPT) as well as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file (to prevent possible errors with the representation of special characters), even if you take your own computer. In case you are using Apple Macintosh or special devices, please remember to bring your own VGA adapter.

Laser pointers etc. will not be available.

A team for solving technical problems will be present at the conference.


In urgent cases (e. g. short term-cancellation of talks) please call +49 251-83-29872.

Some copiers (liable to costs) for photocopying your handouts will be available in the conference building.