Arriving in Münster



Münster lies in the north of the state North Rhein-Westphalia (Nordrhein-Westfalen), in the middle of Münsterland. Nearby large cities include Osnabrück (ca. 44 km to the north), Bielefeld (ca. 62 km east), and Dortmund (ca. 61 km south).


Arrival by personal automobile
Arrival by train (Deutsche Bahn) or other public transportation
Arrival by air
Taxis/Cabs in Münster

Arrival by personal automobile

Here we will provide directions to the central parking area, „Schlossplatz“. From there you can reach all DOT locations on foot within a few minutes.

From the north:
Traveling on the A1, at the “Münster-Nord (77)” interchange head right onto B54/“Steinfurter Straße” toward Muenster. This will take you directly to Schlossplatz (on the right side).

From the south:
Traveling on the A1/A43 (Autobahn interchange “Münster-Süd”, exit 78), take Weseler Straße (B51, later B219) toward Münster. This will merge into the street „Stadtgraben“. From there, continue straight toward Schlossplatz (on the left).

Please note that there will be a great deal of construction in the area of the Domplatz (Fürstenberghaus) until the end of the year. As a result, some routes will be blocked or open only for limited use. Parking at the Domplatz will not be available. You can find current information about the construction here [website in German].


Parking lots
  • Schlossplatz
    • North: enter from Schlossplatz
    • South: enter from Gerichtsstraße
  • Georgskommende
    • Enter from Am Stadtgraben/Georgskommende
Covered parking
  • Aegidii
    • Enter from Aegidiistraße or Universitätsstraße/Bispinghof
  • Stubengasse
    • Enter from Loerstraße
  • Karstadt
    • Enter from Loerstraße
  • Arkaden
    • Enter from Ludgeriplatz/Königsstraße

Further information, including current availability and additional parking, is available on the city of Münster’s parking information website [website in German].

Please contact the management of your accomodations for directions to the locations.

Arrival by train (Deutsche Bahn) or other public transportation

The Münster main station (Hauptbahnhof) in on the Hamburg – Köln (Cologne) line. You can find train schedules and purchase tickets on the Website of the Deutsche Bahn. All DOT locations can be reached on foot from the main station in 10 to 20 minutes.

Further information about the meeting locations is available here.

All DOT 2013 participants will receive together with the meeting materials a ticket for the “Stadtwerke Münster”, which will permit use of all buses and trains within the city of Münster for the duration of the meeting.

Detailed information about local transportation is available on the Website of the Stadtwerke Münster [website in German], including:

Arrival by air

Closest airports:
  • Münster-Osnabrück (IATA code: FMO, ca. 25 km away)
    There is a regular bus between the airport and the Münster main station (25 minutes). The schedule and further information is available here.
  • Dortmund (IATA code: DTM, ca. 55 km away)
    A shuttle bus runs to the nearest train station at Holzwickede (5 minutes), from which Münster can be reached in 45-60 minutes by train. There is also a bus to the Dortmund main station (ca. 22 minutes), where you can take a local or express train to Münster (ca. 50 minutes or 30 minutes, respectively). Schedules and information are available here.

International Airports:

  • Frankfurt am Main (IATA code: FRA, ca. 280 km away)
    There is a long-distance train station at the Frankfurt airport, from which you can reach Münster in around 3 hours. Further information is here. You can find the schedule for your specific trip on the website of the Deutsche Bahn.
  • Düsseldorf (IATA code: DUS, ca. 160 km entfernt)
    You can reach Münster by train from the Düsseldorf Airport station in about an hour and a half. Further information is here. You can find the schedule for your specific trip on the website of the Deutsche Bahn.

For information about reaching Münster from another airport, please check the website of that airport or use the Website of the Deutschen Bahn to find the schedule.

Taxis/Cabs in Münster

Taxi-Zentrale Münster Phone +49-251-60011
Taxiruf Münster Phone +49-251-25500

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