From the 23rd through the 27th of September 2013, the German Oriental Studies Conference will take place for the first time in Münster.

The conference is organised by the German Society for Oriental Studies, the oldest and most important association for scholars of Oriental Studies in Germany. All scholars from within and outside Germany, both members and non-members of the Society, are welcome to participate in the conference. The common languages of the conference are German and English.

A number of international guests of honor will participate in the various sections, including Andrzej Zaborski/Krakau (African Studies), Jean-Jacques Glassner/Paris (Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology), Julia Bray/Oxford (Arabic Language and Literature), Hugh N. Kennedy/London (Byzantine Studies), Nadia El-Shohoumi/Granada (Egyptology), Heiner Eichner/Wien (Indo-European Linguistics), Richard G. Salomon/Seattle (Indology and South Asian Studies), Johann Paul Luft/Durham (Iranian Studies), Azyumardi Azra/Jakarta (Islamic Studies), Takenaka Tôru/Osaka (Japanese Studies), Reuven Kiperwasser/Jerusalem (Jewish Studies), Ross King/Vancouver (Korean Studies), Gary N. Knoppers/Pennsylvania (Old Testament Studies), Cemal Kafadar/Harvard (Ottoman Studies), Leonid Kogan/Moskau (Semitic Studies), Wilt Idema/Harvard (Sinology), Jacques Leider/Bangkok (Southeast Asian Studies), Marek Stachowski/Krakau (Turkic and Central Asian Studies), Robert Hillenbrand (Art and Archaeology), Bethany Walker/Springfield (Historical Anthropology and Material Culture), Baber Johansen/Harvard (Law) and Rudolph Peters/Amsterdam (Law).

The indologist Oskar von Hinüber/Freiburg will be the keynote speaker for conference opening on Monday. Gudrun Krämer/Berlin, scholar of Islamic studies, will deliver a keynote address on the first evening of the conference. 


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